Ship Chandler Services Mexico

ship chandler services mexico

Ship Chandler Services Mexico

Rhika provides ship chandler services Mexico. Has been succesfully operating since 2003 and is conveniently located at both Gulf of Mexico and Pacific areas of this country. We take care of your orders in a fast and efficient way. We offer you a high priority service to your complete satisfaction. Your ship’s crew will enjoy excelent quality products. Our commitment is to satisfy your needs providing you high quality products and reliable services at affordable prices and outstanding response time. As the best Ship Chandler Service Mexico we supply cabin store, electronics, life saving, bonded store, fire and safety, provisions, deck and engine store to vessels. The products we supply are of the highest quality and comply with international standards.

Whatever you may need we can provide it to you.

Location of Services

Rhika provides ship chandler services mexico main ports at the southern part. We give service in Veracruz, Dos Bocas, Salina Cruz, Progreso, Coatzacoalcos, Pajaritos, Ciudad del Carmen and Puerto Morelos.

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Products and Services

We provide General Ship supply at the highest standard of services and quality products to ships, ship owners & managers.

The services we provide include the consolidation and distribution of provisions, Cabin Stores, Deck Stores, Engine Stores, and Bonded Stores required by vessels. All products are supplied according to instructions and are accompanied by certification where required.

Supply to ships of every kind. We serve the merchant fleets, cruise ships, container carriers, fishing vessels, tankers, offshore rigs and navy vessels. We offer storage and handling services to all our customers.

Bonded Stores. Items of bonded stores, beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs at highly competitive prices are available.

Deck and Engine Stores. We support you by providing deck, engine, safety or cabin stores and spare parts are available at prompt delivery.

Safety Equipment. We supply safety tools, equipment and parts. This includes life vests, goggles, helmets, life lines, firefighting equipment, extinguishers, masks, etc.

Fresh Fruits and Groceries.  Food provisions are available at prompt delivery.


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